Motor Home Insurance & Full-Time Residences

At the Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA, we work diligently to match clients with the right kind of insurance for them. When a client owns an RV, they might not realize that there are different kinds of RV insurance. While RV insurance might seem like a one-size-fits-all insurance policy, the specific type of policy you should choose depends on how much you live in your RV. Here we outline the kind of motor home insurance that covers full-time RV residences.

What Type of Motor Home Insurance Covers Full-Time Residence?

For those who live in their motor home on a full-time basis, the best choice for RV insurance is Full-Timer RV Insurance. This kind of policy has coverage that is tailored to the unique needs of those who spend the majority of their time during the year living and even traveling in an RV. 

When you hear the words “full-time RV living,” you probably think of folks who spend all year living out of their RV as a permanent residence. You may even have glamorous mental images of happy retirees traveling across the country on a never-ending adventure in their RV. While this would be fun, it’s not necessary for full-time RV residents to match these ideals to qualify for full-time RV insurance. While the specifics of policies vary, most RV insurance policies consider an RV resident a full-time resident if he or she lives in the RV all year round or sleeps in their RV for six months out of the year. The “full-time residency” requirement may be met if someone spends 150 nights out of the year in their RV under certain policies.

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