Is renters insurance required by law in California?

Renters insurance is not required by state or federal law in Fontana, CA, but you may still want to consider whether you should carry this kind of protection. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency, we understand that there may be multiple reasons you would benefit from carrying renters insurance.

Your Landlord May Require You To Carry Renters Insurance

Fontana, CA landlords carry insurance on their own property, but that insurance does not protect their tenants’ belongings. For instance, if there is a fire, the property insurance will cover the physical damage to the building.

If you don’t have renters insurance, you will need to replace your personal belongings on your own. If you lose your furniture, clothing, electronics, and everything else, you will be glad if you have renters insurance. 

If your landlord discovers that you do not have a current policy, they may be able to add a policy and add it to your rent. When your landlord chooses the policy, it may not be a policy you would choose on your own. If you want to compare policies to find the price and coverage you need, you will have to find your own coverage. 

Renters Insurance Offers Other Protection

Besides protecting your property, your renters insurance offers other kinds of protection. You will have some liability protection if someone is injured while visiting you. Renters insurance also has coverage so that you will have a place to stay if your place becomes uninhabitable due to a fire or other disaster.

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If you rent in Fontana, CA, you can benefit from renters insurance. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a renters insurance policy, please feel free to call Rock Hard Insurance Agency today.