Accessory Coverage with Your Motorcycle Insurance

Motorsports are big in Southern California. If you customize your bike, you will need motorcycle accessory coverage.

Accessory coverage is an add-on to your motorcycle policy that covers repairs and replacements for customized parts on your bike. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency, serving Fontana, CA, we recommend accessory coverage for all our customers who have added extras to their bikes.

What’s Covered with Motorcycle Accessory Coverage?

Something that isn’t factory standard for your motorcyclist is usually classified as an accessory. This kind of insurance covers aftermarket additions to your motorcycle, even if you buy your motorcycle used and the previous owner added them.

Accessory coverage safeguards:

  • Custom paint jobs.
  • Custom seats and wheels.
  • Chrome.
  • Handlebars.
  • Saddle bags.
  • Electronics.
  • Your helmet, jacket, and protective gear (if these are written into your policy).

If you are continuously adding to your bike, you will want motorcycle accessory coverage.

How Motorcycle Accessory Coverage Works

If you ride a motorcycle in California, you must have liability insurance. But it is important to know that liability insurance only covers damage done by your bike, not damage is done to your bike. Comprehensive and collision insurance covers damage to your bike. But they don’t necessarily cover accessories. You will need comprehensive or at least collision coverage to get insurance for your accessories. If you opt for collision coverage, then your policy only pays when the add-ons for your bike are damaged in a collision. If you get comprehensive, they are also covered for vandalism and theft.

Your Rock Hard Insurance Agency agent can advise whether you need a separate rider for each accessory. Usually, your comprehensive or collision rider will cover accessories up to a stated dollar value. If you spend more on accessories than the stated limit in your policy, Rock Hard Insurance can ensure you get all the coverage you need.