Does Your Motorhome Insurance Policy Cover International Travel?

Owning a motorhome makes it easy to travel just about anywhere. What’s more, you don’t have to limit yourself to destinations in the United States. If you’re up for the adventure, there are plenty of other great spots to visit in Canada, Mexico, and Central America. However, advance preparation is necessary if you want everything to go smoothly. One meaningful way to prepare is to ensure you have the right insurance for your trip.

Does Motorhome Insurance Cover International Travel?

Regular motorhome insurance doesn’t cover international travel unless the policy specifically states that it provides international coverage or North American protection. What’s more, even policies that do offer international coverage may not provide sufficient coverage or the type of coverage you’ll need for your trip. 

What Does International Motorhome Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, motorhome owners can expect a basic international policy to cover the same forms of damage that a U.S. policy would cover. However, you can increase coverage for your trip if you wish. Standard coverage will provide compensation if your motorhome is stolen. Extended coverage can provide compensation if your vehicle is vandalized. It can also cover needed repairs after a breakdown. 

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