Does Renters Insurance Cover My Work-From-Home Business?

Work-related tools and equipment have only minimal coverage by most personal renters’ insurance policies, though there are multiple options for gaining coverage if they have a home-based business. If you live in the Fontana, CA, area, our team at Rock Hard Insurance Agency will take the time to review your options and identify the renters’ coverage that works for you.

Renters Insurance and Working from Home

Working from home has many benefits, whether you own your home or rent. However, working from home introduces property and liability insurance issues regarding work equipment, whether it is owned by an employer, a home-based business, or personal assets that see occasional business use.

Your personal renters’ policy will not cover equipment your employer owns. Whether you are personally liable for damage or loss while you possess the equipment depends on your employer’s policies and is an issue you should clarify with them.

Likewise, your renters’ policy typically covers only personal property. It may cover a small amount of equipment your business owns, but you can add a rider or endorsement to your policy to cover assets your company owns. Also, your renters’ policy should cover personal assets occasionally used for business purposes.

As important, your personal renters’ policy will not cover the liability for work colleagues or customers injured at your residence during business activities. However, you can add a business liability rider to address that problem. 

As always, take the time to discuss your needs with your agent to ensure you have adequate protection.

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Is renters insurance required by law in California?

Renters insurance is not required by state or federal law in Fontana, CA, but you may still want to consider whether you should carry this kind of protection. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency, we understand that there may be multiple reasons you would benefit from carrying renters insurance.

Your Landlord May Require You To Carry Renters Insurance

Fontana, CA landlords carry insurance on their own property, but that insurance does not protect their tenants’ belongings. For instance, if there is a fire, the property insurance will cover the physical damage to the building.

If you don’t have renters insurance, you will need to replace your personal belongings on your own. If you lose your furniture, clothing, electronics, and everything else, you will be glad if you have renters insurance. 

If your landlord discovers that you do not have a current policy, they may be able to add a policy and add it to your rent. When your landlord chooses the policy, it may not be a policy you would choose on your own. If you want to compare policies to find the price and coverage you need, you will have to find your own coverage. 

Renters Insurance Offers Other Protection

Besides protecting your property, your renters insurance offers other kinds of protection. You will have some liability protection if someone is injured while visiting you. Renters insurance also has coverage so that you will have a place to stay if your place becomes uninhabitable due to a fire or other disaster.

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If you rent in Fontana, CA, you can benefit from renters insurance. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a renters insurance policy, please feel free to call Rock Hard Insurance Agency today.

The 3 Components of Renter’s Insurance

If you are renting or leasing a home, you may be required to have renter’s insurance. This policy can help protect you and your belongings. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA, we offer renter’s insurance and other policies to meet your insurance needs. 

Three Components of Renter’s Insurance 

Personal Property Coverage 

Renter’s insurance provides personal property coverage. Your landlord’s property policy covers the structure of the home but not your personal belongings. 

Your furniture, clothing, and valuables are covered under this policy. If they are damaged, personal property coverage will cover repair or replacement up to the coverage limit. Covered perils typically include fire, wind, and theft. 

It’s important to note that certain items, like antiques or jewelry, may not be covered. You can purchase a policy rider to cover valuable items. 

Liability Coverage 

Liability coverage is an often overlooked component of renters insurance. If a guest is injured on your property, liability coverage will cover their medical expenses. 

It also covers damage to other’s property while they are visiting your home. For example, if someone slips on your floor and injures themselves, this portion of the policy will cover their medical bills. 

It’s important to note that intentional harm or negligence isn’t covered. 

Living Expenses Coverage 

If your home becomes unlivable, this can put you in a financial bind. You’ll likely be required to pay rent on the property. At the same time, you may need to pay for a hotel or another rental.

Living expenses coverage covers the costs of living somewhere else while your home is being repaired. It also includes other expenses, including food, while you are away from home. 

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Can Renters Insurance Be Used For Short-Term Vacation Rentals?

More and more people are working from home or outside of a traditional office. This allows them to travel and work from wherever they are. As such, short-term vacation rentals have increased in popularity, as more people have become digital nomads. If you are traveling all over, one of the questions that you may have is whether renters insurance can be used for short-term vacation rentals.

Here at Rock Hard Insurance Agency, serving the greater Fontana, CA area, we offer renters insurance and can assist you with all your queries. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover Short-Term Vacation Rentals? 

Renters’ insurance products are not designed for short-term vacation rental stays. While every insurance company is different, as a general rule of thumb, most renters’ insurance products are designed to cover renters who plan on staying in a property long-term, or for at least 90 to 180 days. 

Is There Insurance For Short-Term Vacation Rentals? 

Due to the popularity of short-term vacation rentals, many insurance companies are starting to offer products that are designed specifically for short-term vacation rentals. However, not every company offers this insurance product at this time. But, as demand for this type of insurance increases, more and more companies will likely carry this type of insurance product. 

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If you are enjoying the freedom of being able to work remotely, you may be traveling the country and working as you settle into different cities and towns. If you are living this type of life, you need the right insurance to help cover your interests and protect your property. Here at Rock Hard Insurance Agency, serving the greater Fontana, CA area, we can help you get the insurance you need. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

Is it always a good idea to get rental insurance in California?

Renting a home is a good option for many in the Fontana, CA area. When you are a renter, you will enjoy more flexibility and less responsibility than if you were a property owner. As you are looking to rent a home in this area, you will also want to get the right insurance. There are a few reasons why getting a renters insurance plan is always a good idea.

Why Get Rental Insurance?

Receive Helpful Support and Coverage

A reason anyone will want to have this type of coverage is due to the support it provides. A proper renters insurance plan offers various types of coverage and advantages. This includes support if you are named liable for property damage or an accident in the rental property. Further, it will give coverage for any of your personal assets if there is a fire or other situation that causes damage. 

Comply with Lease Terms

You should also get a renters insurance plan as it can help you comply with the terms of the lease. Most leases that you will find in this area of California will require you to get renters insurance. If you do not have this coverage, it could even invalidate your lease agreement or cause other forms of penalization. Due to this, you should ensure you retain the right type and level of coverage. 

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People living in the Fontana CA area will want to ensure that they get the proper insurance plan. When you are looking for a new policy in this region, it would be wise for you to call Rock Hard Insurance Agency. With so many choices to make when looking for coverage, working with Rock Hard Insurance Agency is helpful as we will give any support necessary to select your next plan. 

Top benefits of renter’s insurance

The main benefit of renter’s insurance is the peace of mind that it provides. Knowing that your possessions are protected can help to ease your mind. Here at the Rock Hard Insurance Agency, we want all of our clients in the Fontana, CA area to have the protection they need.

Top benefits of renter’s insurance

If you are renting an apartment, house, or condo, you will still need to carry your own insurance. Renter’s insurance is a great way to protect your belongings and ensure that you have the protection you need! Here are just some of the benefits of renter’s insurance:

  • Protection from loss or damage of your belongings due to theft, fire, or other covered events.
  • Coverage from theft or loss outside of your residence in certain situations.
  • Option for liability protection in the event that someone is injured in your home.
  • Rider policy options for high-value items such as artwork, jewelry, and technical devices.
  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the protection you need!

Renter’s insurance is a great way to help alleviate the stress of loss. When you have a robust, comprehensive renter’s insurance policy, you can be protected from financial obligations that can be overwhelming. If you are just building your own home, or are an established renter, it’s important to protect your belongings even if you don’t own your residence.

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What coverage does renters insurance offer

California has a lower percentage of rentals than many other areas in California at 34 %. On average, only about 45% of renters carry renters insurance. That leaves a lot of people in a perilous place. Even in a nice area like Fontana, bad things happen, and without renters insurance, you risk losing all your possessions and potentially all your assets. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service. We get to know our clients and their needs personally. 

You may believe your landlord is looking out for you and has insurance that protects you. Unless you have an exceptionally generous landlord, the only insurance they will have is for their building, and you are on your own for your possessions. Having your own renters insurance offers you a variety of protection. 


Everything you own may be located in your rental. This includes your clothes, your electronics, your furniture, and other items you own. Losing them to something like a fire would be devastating. Rental insurance will cover things like your laptop or tablet even if you are not at home. Theft is one of the types of coverage renters insurance provides. However, keep in mind policies have a deductible. 

Liability coverage

Unless you are a hermit, chances are you will have friends visiting you at your rental. If someone is injured while visiting and needs to visit the doctor or emergency room, you could be liable for those medical expenses, and friends have been known to sue other friends. Liability coverage will help you in the event this happens to you.

Loss of use

Being without a place to stay is no fun. With renters insurance, you will have help paying for a place to stay while your rental is being repaired after a covered hazard. 

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