What should my motorhome insurance include?

All motorhomes are not created equal.

Serving as both vehicles and homes, motorhomes are unique. To serve multiple purposes, motorhomes come in a variety of sizes, costs, and amenities.

Finding the right coverage requires equal specialization. Luckily, Rock Hard Insurance Agency can help. Serving Fontana, CA, our agents know the importance of crafting an individualized motorhome insurance policy.

We list six items that every motorhome should include:

Collision insurance

Your motorhome will spend a lot of time on the road. For this reason, even policies with minimal coverage will include collision. This applies no matter who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage

All other damage falls under comprehensive. Most plans will feature a list of inclusions that are protected. Some examples are natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.


Liability is standard in nearly all insurance plans. It adds an extra layer of protection in the event you or someone else is hurt. If you are found at fault, bodily injury liability kicks in.

Personal property

Personal property protection is a component of liability. Yet, this covers belongings instead of people. There may be some overlap with homeowners policies, but this shields a motorhome if it’s damaged, destroyed, or stolen.

Uninsured motorist

Other drivers may not have sufficient coverage. If you are involved in an accident with someone who has inadequate insurance, this could compensate you for medical expenses, property destruction, and lost wages.

Optional add-ons

This is just the beginning. There are countless options to add to any motorhome insurance policy to make it personalized. This list includes roadside assistance, storage protection, and loss of use expenses.

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