What commercial insurance is necessary in California

Owning a business comes with plenty of risks. Every business has different risks; it is definitely not one size fits all kind of thing. You need to protect yourself from the risks and having an independent insurance agent who understands your particular type of business and can anticipate the type of risks you need to be protected from is important. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA, we provide a personal level of service.  We are there to help our customers no matter what they need help with. 

Commercial Auto insurance 

In the state of California, commercial auto insurance is required for all business-owned vehicles. The required coverage is 15/30/5. What this means is $15,000 for one person who is injured with the total for any accident of $30,000 with $5,000 allowed for damages to property.  This is very basic coverage, and it may not be anywhere near enough for a well-established business. 

Worker’s compensation insurance

Worker’s compensation is required in California if your business has even one employee. They can be part-time or full-time workers. This will pay for work-related injuries, illnesses, or lost time. This protects your employees but it also protects you. 

While these are the only required types of commercial insurance, they are not the only ones that really are necessary to protect your business.

Commercial property insurance will help you to recover from a covered peril. If your business is physically damaged, including your machinery, inventory, office equipment, or raw material you need help to rebuild. Commercial property insurance provides that help. 

Commercial liability is something any business can benefit from. Businesses are vulnerable to legal actions against them. Liability insurance offers the financial support you need to deal with legal actions against you. 

When you are ready to discuss your commercial insurance needs Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA will be here for you.