Coverage For a Recreational Vehicle That Will Be Towing Another Vehicle

Certain steps ensure the security of your travel trailer when towing another vehicle. Additionally, seeking appropriate insurance add-ons can provide protection for both your RV and the towed vehicle.

Investing in Towing Equipment

You need to consider the kind of towing equipment suitable for your vehicle. The equipment should match the weight class of the vehicle being towed. Towing essentials may include a hitch, a tow bar, and a trailer. Invest in alert lights for the safety of fellow motorists when towing is in progress.

Exploring Coverage Options

Next, review the insurance coverage options offered by your agency. It is crucial to have insurance that covers the safety of your vehicles while they’re on the move and stationary. Such coverage should also partially or fully cover repair or replacement costs if your vehicles suffer damages or theft when being driven or towed.

Understanding the Insurance Paperwork

After acquiring the necessary coverage, make sure you review and understand the associated insurance paperwork. Familiarizing yourself with the specifics of your coverage and responsibilities can save you unnecessary stress when filing an insurance claim.

Seeking More Information

Consult an insurance representative to seek clarification regarding your coverage specifics. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a representative from our Rock Hard Insurance Agency. Agents serving Fontana, CA, will gladly discuss the RV coverage provided by your policy.