The Importance of Comprehensive RV Insurance Coverage

 Spending a couple of days a year in an RV is somewhat part of the American culture. If you own an RV, you likely spend a couple of weeks a year in it. It might even be your home or your second home. Since RVs are high-value assets, it’s vital that you protect yours with sufficient insurance. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency in Fontana, CA, we offer all kinds of RV insurance coverages. Comprehensive coverage is among the most critical insurance coverage you need for your RV.

Here’s why: 

Although collisions with other road users or stationary objects seem to be the most significant risk your motorhome faces, that’s not the case. Comprehensive RV coverage works similarly to comprehensive coverage on an auto policy. It’s meant to help you repair or replace your RV in case there is damage or loss as a result of anything other than a collision. This includes perils such as;

  • Vandalism
  • Theft of the RV or its parts
  • Fire
  • Contact with animals like deer
  • Hail, falling trees, or other debris
  • Natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes

These perils can occur whether your RV is at home, on the road, or at a campsite. Comprehensive RV coverage covers all of these perils, no matter who is at fault. Unlike some coverages on an RV policy that are mandatory by law, a comprehensive RV policy is optional. However, some circumstances where comprehensive motorhome coverage could be required in California include:

  • If you rent an RV, the rental company might ask you to get an RV policy with comprehensive coverage. 
  • If you finance your RV, the lender might ask you to add comprehensive coverage to your RV policy.

Do you need an RV policy in Fontana, CA?

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