Does Renters Insurance Cover My Work-From-Home Business?

Work-related tools and equipment have only minimal coverage by most personal renters’ insurance policies, though there are multiple options for gaining coverage if they have a home-based business. If you live in the Fontana, CA, area, our team at Rock Hard Insurance Agency will take the time to review your options and identify the renters’ coverage that works for you.

Renters Insurance and Working from Home

Working from home has many benefits, whether you own your home or rent. However, working from home introduces property and liability insurance issues regarding work equipment, whether it is owned by an employer, a home-based business, or personal assets that see occasional business use.

Your personal renters’ policy will not cover equipment your employer owns. Whether you are personally liable for damage or loss while you possess the equipment depends on your employer’s policies and is an issue you should clarify with them.

Likewise, your renters’ policy typically covers only personal property. It may cover a small amount of equipment your business owns, but you can add a rider or endorsement to your policy to cover assets your company owns. Also, your renters’ policy should cover personal assets occasionally used for business purposes.

As important, your personal renters’ policy will not cover the liability for work colleagues or customers injured at your residence during business activities. However, you can add a business liability rider to address that problem. 

As always, take the time to discuss your needs with your agent to ensure you have adequate protection.

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