Renters Insurance in California

Why Does Renters Insurance Matter in California?

If you rent an apartment or house in the Fontana, CA area, you may think that your landlord is responsible if there is a theft, fire. or other catastrophes, but this isn’t the case. The landlord likely has insurance to protect the building you are living in but that policy won’t replace your personal belongings or pay for your living expenses while your building is being repaired. The only way to protect yourself financially is to have a renter’s insurance policy.

What Is Covered by Renters Insurance in California?

Your renter's insurance policy covers different things to protect you. If you are unsure what your policy covers, speak with an agent at Rock Hard Insurance Agency.

Standard renters’ insurance will protect your belongings against damage from smoke, fire, lightning, explosion, theft, and other disasters listed in the policy. In order to determine how much you should get, you should have an idea of what your belongings are worth. An easy way to do this is with a home inventory. There are two types of coverage to consider. Choose between actual cash value or replacement cost. Replacement cost coverage pays for the full cost of replacing your belongings up to your limit, while actual cash value replaces belongings minus a certain amount for depreciation.

Renter's insurance will also cover liability. This is for the event that you or members of your family cause damage to another person's property or injure others. It can also pay for damages caused by pets. If you are sued, then this portion pays for defending you in court and for the court judgments up to the limit.

The third coverage is for additional living expenses. If your rented apartment or home is damaged by something covered in your policy then the policy covers your additional living expenses that are incurred by having to live away from the home, such as temporary rentals or hotel bills.

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