Motor Home Insurance in California

If you are the owner of a motorhome, don't make the mistake of assuming that your personal auto insurance policy will cover your motor home. Most states - including California - require that motorhome owners maintain recreational insurance policies that offer additional coverage for their home on wheels. Your motorhome is far more than just a vehicle - consider for a moment the number of valuables and essential items that are inside it from furniture to towed personal vehicles to the personal belongings like clothing and jewelry. When you factor in all those considerations, purchasing adequate motorhome insurance is a no brainer.

For many, buying and owning a recreational vehicle is a dream come true because it allows for the freedom of movement unbound by a physical address. With that freedom comes a new set of responsibilities. Driving and operating a motorhome is unlike any traditional vehicle no matter the size, and thus it can be a significant adjustment for the average driver. Not only does motorhome insurance protect against accidents with other vehicles or property, but also it protects your personal belongings from theft by making some or all of the cost reimbursable.

If you are a current or soon to be motorhome owner in California, give us a call at Rock Hard Insurance Agency. Conveniently located in Fontana, CA, we are your go-to source for any insurance need. With our plethora of contacts in the industry, our friendly and competent team of insurance professionals will work tirelessly to ensure we find you a policy that checks every box. Most importantly, our relationship does not end when an insurance policy is signed - we remain by your side every step of the way to answer any questions you have or assist in the claims process if necessary. Make an appointment with our agents in Fontana, CA today, and experience the Rock Hard Insurance Agency difference for yourself.

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