Classic Car Insurance in California

Your classic car is your pride and joy and you will want to protect your investment in any way that you can. Classic car insurance is one way to do that and it is probably the easiest way. It is a special type of auto insurance policy that will protect your antique or classic vehicle. This includes other high-value vehicles such as muscle cars, hot rods, vintage military vehicles, and exotic or luxury vehicles.

Normal cars will lose their value over time and depreciate from the effects of driving it but classic, collectible, and vintage cars are a whole other ball game since they actually increase in value over time. You will want to protect it if your vehicle is stolen or damaged through a classic car insurance policy.

Classic car insurance normally provides coverage similar to that of a regular car insurance policy, such as comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, property damage, and bodily injury liability insurance. Unlike traditional cars that are insured based on their actual cash value, classic car insurance covers the agreed value of your car, even when the value of your vehicle increases over time.

There are certain requirements for your vehicle to be classified as a classic vehicle for insurance coverage, such as the age of your car and the value of the vehicle. You may not be permitted to drive your vehicle on a regular basis, such as trips to the store or work, but only permitted to drive your classic car on special occasions, including to car shows around the country and parades.

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