Full-Timer’s RV Insurance: A Guide

When you don’t want to buy a home or live in a rental apartment in Fontana, CA, residing in an RV can be a great option. An RV becomes a home and is also a means of transport to help move from place to place with the convenience of a home. While being a full-timer in your RV is great, have you thought about your insurance needs? If not, Rock Hard Insurance Agency is here to give you a comprehensive guide to your insurance needs.

Understanding full-timers insurance

If you have sold your home to reside in your RV, you need to consider a full-timer’s RV insurance. Given your RV is now your new home, typical RV insurance may not suffice. As such, you need to consider full-timer’s RV insurance because it covers you in the following areas:

  • Personal liability coverage: Like the liability coverage in home insurance, this insurance policy protects you when residing in your RV. This insurance covers you when accused of property damage or bodily injury. Remember, if you have sold your home, your liability coverage is no longer applicable in your RV, and that’s why you need separate liability coverage.
  • Personal effects coverage: When you move into an RV, all your personal items may not fit in the vehicle. As such, you may store your items in a storage facility. Unfortunately, they aren’t covered when in such places. RV insurance protects your personal items when in the RV and storage facilities.
  • Medical payment coverage: This coverage covers your medical expenses for injuries suffered while using your RV as a residence.

Rving is increasingly becoming popular because many people want to explore the freedom of living and traveling in an RV. At Rock Hard Insurance Agency, we want to instill a sense of security and assurance by providing comprehensive RV insurance to protect you wherever your vehicle takes you.